Second Monday in Advent

December 6, 2021Advent Today’s Readings:  Psalm 126, Prayer for restoration Lesson: God does great things Isaiah 40:1-11, The earth prepares for God Lesson: The ultimate consolation Romans 8:22-25, All creation waits Lesson: Anticipation of Christ’s Kingdom Invitatory Our King and Savior now draws near: Come, let us adore him. Opening Prayers Collect of the WeekContinue reading “Second Monday in Advent”

Thanksgiving Day Prayers & Readings

November 25, 2021 Today’s Readings:  Old Testament: Joel 2:21-27  The Psalm: Psalm 126, In convertendo The Epistle: 1 Timothy 2:1-7 The Gospel: Matthew 6:25-33 The Collect Almighty and gracious Father, we give you thanks for the fruits of the earth in their season and for the labors of those who harvest them. Make us, weContinue reading “Thanksgiving Day Prayers & Readings”

October 21 Devotional (2021)

October 21, 2021Ordinary Time Today’s Readings:  Psalm 126 Jeremiah 23:9-15 Hebrews 7:1-10 Invitatory The earth is the Lord’s for he made it: Come let us adore him. Opening Prayer We walk in the light of this bountiful day       in the great strength of the most             highContinue reading “October 21 Devotional (2021)”

July 29 Devotional (2021)

Yet he commanded the skies above, and opened the doors of heaven; he rained down on them manna to eat, and gave them the grain of heaven.

December 10 Devotional (2020)

Featured Image: Philippi’s forum and basilica B seen from the acropolis.(source) December 10, 2020Second Week of Advent Today’s readings: Psalm 126; Habakkuk 2:1-5; Philippians 3:7-11 The Invitatory The Lord, the King who is to come.  O come, let us adore Him! Come let us praise the Lord with joy: let us joyfully sing to God ourContinue reading “December 10 Devotional (2020)”

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