July 7 Devotional (2021)

Lord, grant us grace to rest upon Thy word, To rest in hope until we see Thy face; To rest thro’ toil unruffled and unstirred, Lord, grant us grace.

December 31 Devotional (2020)

December 31, 2020Christmastide Today‚Äôs Readings: Psalm 95:1-7; 1 Kings 3:1-14; John 8:12-20 The Invitatory A spotless Virgin has brought forth God clothed in flesh:  Let us all worship Him who came to save us! Opening Prayer O blessed Savior      as the prophets foretold,      You were born of a virgin,      and You came to be           a TreasureContinue reading “December 31 Devotional (2020)”

December 19 Devotional (2020)

Ember Saturday, December 19, 2020Third Week of Advent Today’s Readings: Judges 13:1-25; John 4:40-52; Embertide Acclamations The Invitatory Our King and Savior now draws near:  Come, let us adore him. Glorify the Lord, you angels and all powers of the Lord, *     O heavens and all waters above the heavens. Sun and moon and starsContinue reading “December 19 Devotional (2020)”

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