May 14, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

May 14, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Daniel 7:27, A dominion for the holy ones of the Most High Lesson: Mystery surrounds His promises Noontide: Revelation 11:16-19, God’s reign at the end of time Lesson: A message of consolation to the Church Eventide: Essay: On Creation Invocation O Lord, open our lips        and our mouth shallContinue reading “May 14, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

May 7, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

(Image: Peakpx HD wallpaper) May 7, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Ezekiel 28:25-26, God gathers the people into safety Lesson: God’s recurring mercy Noontide: The Eleventh Station Of The Resurrection: Jesus Commissions The Disciples Eventide: Luke 12:29-32, Do not fear, little flock Lesson: Great in the eyes of God Invocation O Lord, open our lips        andContinue reading “May 7, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

Apr 30, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

Cover image: Angel Waits 111 by Abbott Handerson Thayer April 30, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Genesis 18:1-8, Abraham and Sarah’s hospitality to the Lord Lesson: Entertaining angels Noontide: The Seventh Station Of The Resurrection: The Upper Room Eventide: Luke 14:12-14, Welcome those in need to your table Lesson: We cannot repay Him. Invitatory Alleluia! ChristContinue reading “Apr 30, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

Apr 23, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

Cover image: Artist’s rendition of Goliath’s fall (Wikipedia) April 23, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: 1 Samuel 17:32-51, David conquers Goliath Lesson: Faith is superior to human skill Noontide: Luke 24:36-40, Beholding the wounds of the risen Christ Lesson: The nature of our resurrected bodies Eventide: Fourth Station Of The Resurrection: Mary Magdalene Encounters The RisenContinue reading “Apr 23, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

Holy Saturday

April 16, 2022Passiontide Today’s Readings:  Lamentations 3:1-9, 19-24, I will hope in the Lord Psalm 31:1-4, 15-16, Take me out of the net 1 Peter 4:1-8, The gospel proclaimed even to the dead Matthew 27:57-66, The burial of Jesus Invitation to Vigil Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this most holy night, when ourContinue reading “Holy Saturday”

Apr 9, 2022 Devotional

Cover image: Mankind’s Eternal Dilemma, The Choice Between Virtue and Vice, 1633, by Frans Francken the Younger April 9, 2022Lent Invitatory The Lord is full of compassion and mercy: Come let us adore him. Opening Prayer Show us your mercy, O Lord;        And grant us your salvation.  Clothe your ministers with righteousness;        Let your peopleContinue reading “Apr 9, 2022 Devotional”

Saturday Bible Study: Jan 8, 2022

January 7, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Essay: Death and Resurrection to New Life in Baptism Ecclesiastes 3:1-15, All that is, is God’s doing Lesson: Everything Has Its Time 1 Corinthians 2:11-16, God’s wisdom taught by the Spirit Lesson: The language of faith Invitatory The Lord has shown forth his glory: Come let us adore him. OpeningContinue reading “Saturday Bible Study: Jan 8, 2022”

Feb 12 Devotional Bible Study

February 12, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Jeremiah 17:1-4, A heritage lost Lesson: Judah’s captivity brought rest for the land Luke 11:24-28, Blessings on those who hear the word Lesson: Heap praise on Him in practice “Night Is Drawing” Invocation O Lord open thou my lips  And my mouth shall declare thy praise.  O God + comeContinue reading “Feb 12 Devotional Bible Study”

Feb 5 Devotional Bible Study

February 5, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Judges 3:7-11, God’s spirit rests on Othniel Lesson: Israel’s first judge Profile of Othniel Luke 4:42-44, Jesus preaches Lesson: The Kingdom of God is Good News! Invocation O Lord open thou my lips  And my mouth shall declare thy praise.  O God + come to my assistance;  O Lord, makeContinue reading “Feb 5 Devotional Bible Study”

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