Saturday Bible Study: Jan 15, 2022

January 15, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Jeremiah 4:1-4, A call to repentance Lesson: Even in discipline, the Lord shows His grace Song of Solomon 4:1-8, The bride’s beauty extolled Lesson: A sacramental sign of Christ’s love Luke 11:14-23, Looking for signs from heaven Lesson: From whom his power came Invocation O Lord, open our lips       andContinue reading “Saturday Bible Study: Jan 15, 2022”

Friday Bible Study: Jan 14, 2022

January 14, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Jeremiah 3:19-25, Israel is a faithless spouse Lesson: The advantage of believing God’s Word 1 Corinthians 1:1-17, Appeal for unity Lesson:  Loyalty must be to God alone 1 Corinthians 7:1-7, Guidance for the married Lesson: Both marriage and celibacy are gifts from God Invocation O Lord, open our lips       andContinue reading “Friday Bible Study: Jan 14, 2022”

Thursday Bible Study: Jan 13, 2022

January 13, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Psalm 36:5-10, We feast on the abundance of God’s house Meditation: With you, O God, is the well of life. Jeremiah 3:1-5, Unfaithful Israel Lesson: Minimizing our sins Acts 8:18-24, God’s gifts cannot be purchased Lesson: On Simon and simony Invocation O Lord, open our lips       and our mouth shallContinue reading “Thursday Bible Study: Jan 13, 2022”

Wednesday Bible Study: Jan 5, 2022

January 5, 2022Christmastide Today’s Readings:  Jeremiah 31:7-14, Joy as God’s scattered flock gathers Lesson: A faithful bridegroom to his bride John 1:1-18, God with us Lesson: The Word Became Flesh An Christmastide excerpt from the Galasian Sacramentary Behold, the dwelling of God is with mankind. He will dwell with them, and they shall be hisContinue reading “Wednesday Bible Study: Jan 5, 2022”

Feast of the Holy Innocents

December 29, 2021Christmastide Today’s Color = RED Today’s Readings: Jeremiah 31:15-17; Psalm 124; Revelation 21:1-7; Matthew 2:13-18; Reflection: The Story of the Massacre of the Holy Innocents The Evocation Alleluia, alleluia. Never despise these little ones; their guardian angels in heaven look continuously on the face of my heavenly Father. Alleluia. Matthew 18.10 Opening Prayer WeContinue reading “Feast of the Holy Innocents”

Festival of Saint Stephen

December 27, 2021Christmastide Today’s color: Red Today’s Readings: Jeremiah 26:1-15; Psalm 31; Acts 6:8-15, 7:51-60; Matthew 23:29-39; Reflection: The Life, Death, and Legacy of Saint Stephen The Evocation Alleluia, alleluia! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God. Alleluia! Acts 7.56 Opening Prayer We give you thanks,Continue reading “Festival of Saint Stephen”

Third Thursday in Advent

December 16, 2021Advent NOTE:  According to the Sarum Rite, today (December 16th) is Antifon Day, the day we being the Great O Antifons of the Advent season, leading up to Christmas Eve. While other traditions of the Christian Faith have traditionally used just seven Great Antifons, “an alternative English medieval practice arose of moving allContinue reading “Third Thursday in Advent”

October 27 Devotional (2021)

October 27, 2021Ordinary Time Today’s Readings:  Jeremiah 33:1-11 Matthew 20:29-34 Phos hilaron Invitatory The earth is the Lord’s for he made it: Come let us adore him. Opening Prayer O God, who drove back the darkness and assigned light for the day, pour out on your servants the coming of the true light; you reignContinue reading “October 27 Devotional (2021)”

October 22 Devotional (2021)

October 22, 2021Ordinary Time Today’s Readings:  Jeremiah 26:12-24 Jeremiah 29:24-32 Hebrews 7:11-22 Invitatory The earth is the Lord’s for he made it: Come let us adore him. Opening Prayer Protect us this day,      O Lord, holy Father,      almighty and eternal God, and in your compassion and mercy,      help and guide us. Enlighten our hearts and Continue reading “October 22 Devotional (2021)”

October 21 Devotional (2021)

October 21, 2021Ordinary Time Today’s Readings:  Psalm 126 Jeremiah 23:9-15 Hebrews 7:1-10 Invitatory The earth is the Lord’s for he made it: Come let us adore him. Opening Prayer We walk in the light of this bountiful day       in the great strength of the most             highContinue reading “October 21 Devotional (2021)”

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