May 17, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

May 17, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: 2 Samuel 1:4-27, David mourns Jonathan’s death Lesson: Jonathan’s love was deeper Noontide: Excerpt: “The Sayings of the Holy Desert Fathers” Eventide: Acts 11:27-30, Love embodied in care for others Lesson: The bearded ones Invocation The Lord is risen from the tomb who for our sakes hung upon theContinue reading “May 17, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

May 16, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

May 16, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Psalm 133, How good it is to live in unity Lesson: Unity in Christ Noontide: 1 Samuel 20:1-23, 35-42, The love of David and Jonathan Lesson: Lasting loyalty and personal self-sacrifice Eventide: Acts 11:19-26, Christians in Antioch Lesson: The first place where believers were called Christians Invocation The LordContinue reading “May 16, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

May 10, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

May 10, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Ezekiel 45:1-12, God promises a sanctuary Lesson: He consecrates a place for Himself. Noontide: The Twelfth Station Of The Resurrection: The Ascension Eventide: Acts 9:32-35, The healing of paralyzed Aeneas Lesson: Signs proving the mercy and power of God Invocation O Lord, open our lips        and our mouth shallContinue reading “May 10, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

May 3, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

May 3, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Ezekiel 1:26—2:1, Ezekiel’s vision of God’s glory Lesson: God’s holiness revealed Noontide: The Eighth Station of the Resurrection: Thomas  Eventide: Acts 26:1-18, Paul preaches before Agrippa Lesson: Kicking against the goads Invocation O Lord, open our lips        and our mouth shall proclaim your praise.  In your resurrection, O Christ, Continue reading “May 3, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

May 2, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

May 2, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Psalm 121, God will preserve your life Lesson: The Lord shall keep you from all evil. Noontide: Ezekiel 1:1-25, Ezekiel’s vision of four living creatures Lesson: Ezekiel’s Inaugural Vision Eventide: Acts 9:19b-31, Saul joins the apostles in Jerusalem Lesson: The persecutor became the persecuted Invocation O Lord, open ourContinue reading “May 2, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

Apr 22, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

April 22, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: 1 Samuel 17:19-32, David announces he will fight Goliath Lesson: Viewing difficulties from a divine perspective Noontide: Third Station of the Resurrection: Peter And The Beloved Disciple Go To The Tomb Eventide: Acts 5:17-26, The apostles freed from prison Lesson: Signs and wonders Invitatory Alleluia! Christ is risen. TheContinue reading “Apr 22, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

Apr 21, 2022 Devotional Bible Study

April 21, 2022Eastertide Today’s Readings:  Morningtide: Psalm 150, Let everything praise the Lord Lesson: Equip me to join in praising of You  Noontide: 1 Samuel 17:1-23, The enemy Goliath taunts Israel Lesson: In God’s eyes Eventide: Acts 5:12-16, Signs and wonders by the apostles Lesson: God’s power to change lives Invitatory Alleluia! Christ is risen.Continue reading “Apr 21, 2022 Devotional Bible Study”

Feb 10 Devotional Bible Study

February 10, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Psalm 1, Trees planted by streams of water Lesson: Christ in the First Psalm Jeremiah 13:12-19, The threat of exile Lesson: Willful alienation from God Acts 13:26-34, God raised Jesus from the dead Lesson: The core of the Christian Faith Invocation O Lord open thou my lips  And my mouthContinue reading “Feb 10 Devotional Bible Study”

Feb 4 Devotional Bible Study

February 4, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Numbers 27:12-23, God’s choice of Joshua Lesson: Wise leadership Profile of Paul Acts 9:26-31, The apostles reluctantly welcome Saul Lesson: New Christians need sponsors Invocation O Lord open thou my lips  And my mouth shall declare thy praise.  O God + come to my assistance;  O Lord, make haste toContinue reading “Feb 4 Devotional Bible Study”

Feb 3 Devotional Bible Study

February 3, 2022Epiphanytide Today’s Readings:  Psalm 138, I will bow toward your holy temple Lesson: Give thanks to the LORD Numbers 20:22-29, Eleazar succeeds Aaron Lesson: “Gathered unto his people” Acts 9:19b-25, Saul’s call is questioned Lesson: From persecutor to persecuted Invocation O Lord open thou my lips  And my mouth shall declare thy praise. Continue reading “Feb 3 Devotional Bible Study”

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